Cathryn Bonar


Cathryn's is an interesting story and has a huge personal component to it. Rather than approaching medical billing from a clinical standpoint, she actually had to live it and fight for medical benefits, which is how she became so proficient and successful at it. Her husband, Jonathan, has been beating metastatic stage 4 colon cancer for the past 4 years.  Because of the life experience she has had in dealing with her husband's medical bills due to the cancer treatment, she developed a passion to help others recoup monies owed to them by their medical insurance plans. She sees the effect that the weight of these bills can have on a family and it has inspired her to want to help others get the maximum reimbursement that they deserve, and for which they are paying huge premiums, from their medical insurer. She is determined to help you be the voice for your patients and your office because she wishes somebody would have been there for her family when she was fighting for insurance benefits. Cathryn, or "Cat" as we call her, has been rigorously trained, first by Dr. Z and then working alongside Christie, and is our expert Billing Trainer and liaison with Emdeon, the clearing house that we use for checking benefits and filing/tracking claims and payments. Her results and outstanding success on behalf of Z Group clients speak for themselves.