Christie Fink

Senior Consultant

Christie has been in the dental industry for 12 years. Having managed her husband's seven dental practices, she understands what is involved in the day-to-day operation of a dental office. Her understanding of surgical procedures, appliance therapies, and prosthetic reconstruction is a result of her assisting her husband in his implant surgical center. The surgical procedures that Dr. Bruce Fink is trained to perform include the all-on-4 and -6,  bone/tissue grafting and implant placement, nerve repositioning, appliance therapy (TMD and sleep apnea), Botox, orthodontic treatment, as well as restorative and prosthetic procedures.
Christie first attended the "Z course" in June 2010, repeated the class in July 2010 with Dr. Fink, then again on her own in October 2010. Having achieved resounding success with medical billing in her husband's multiple practices, she was asked to join The Z Group in 2012 as a Consultant and, based on her outstanding work with clients, was promoted to Senior Consultant in 2013. Her current niche is lecturing with Dr. "Z" and helping practices with the implementation of medical billing into their office protocols. She also works with the practice management clients, troubleshooting problems and helping them streamline their operation, in order to become more efficient and effective in their day-to-day activities, both from a clinical and business perspective.

Christie Fink Resume