Dr. Olya Zahrebelny
Chief Education Officer
Christie Fink
Chief Implementation Officer
Dr. Olya Zahrebelny (pronounced Zara-bell-knee) graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto, Canada, then completed a General Practice Residency, focusing on oral surgery, oral medicine, and oral pathology. She has practiced in both hospital and private practice environments for the past 42 years. Dr. "Z", as she is fondly called by her patients, is a former consultant to commercial and government insurance programs. She has also taught at three dental schools, in the Departments of Restorative Dentistry and Oral Medicine/Diagnosis, as well as holding the position of Attending Physician at Swedish Covenant Hospital for 19 years, and also an Attending Physician in the General Practice Residency program at the University of Illinois, Chicago Medical Center. 

Christie has been in the dental industry for 14 years. Having managed her husband's seven dental practices, she understands what is involved in the day-to-day operation of a dental office. Her understanding of surgical procedures, appliance therapies, and prosthetic reconstruction is a result of her assisting her husband in his implant surgical center. The surgical procedures that Dr. Bruce Fink is trained to perform include the all-on-X, bone/tissue grafting and implant placement, nerve repositioning, appliance therapy (TMD and sleep apnea), Botox, orthodontic treatment, as well as restorative and prosthetic procedures.
Selected every year since 2000 as a Leader in Dental Consulting, Dr. “Z” has been featured repeatedly on the Dentistry Today web site and in the online and print magazine. Dr. Zahrebelny has also been interviewed by Dr. Howard Farran for a “Dentistry Uncensored” podcast, taped in 2018. She has lectured extensively throughout the US at all the major dental meetings, as well as for state and local societies and study clubs, University continuing education programs, and hospital residents. Her articles on medical billing have been published in Dental Town, Dentist’s Money Digest, Inclusive Magazine, Dental Economics, and Insurance Solutions. She has been teaching medical billing to dental offices for the past 28 years, and her book, “Accessing Medical Benefits in the Comprehensive and Surgical Dental Practice” has been in print for the last 21 years.
Christie first attended the "Z course" in June 2010, repeated the class in July 2010 with Dr. Fink, then again on her own in October 2010. Having achieved resounding success with medical billing in her husband's multiple practices, she was asked to join The Z Group in 2012 as a Consultant and, based on her outstanding work with clients, was promoted to Senior Consultant in 2013. She then continued to excel in her medical billing success, developing programs and training videos for Z Group clients, and was promoted to her current position as Chief Implementation Officer in 2019. Her current niche is lecturing with Dr. "Z" and helping practices with the implementation of medical billing protocols and processes into their office protocols, a critical role in the leveraging of medical benefits successfully and consistently. She also works with practice management clients, troubleshooting problems and helping them streamline their operation, in order to become more efficient and effective in their day-to-day activities, both from a clinical and business perspective.
Dr. “Z” is a comprehensive general dentist, with special interests in cosmetic and implant dentistry, and a Principal in The Z Group, a practice management consulting company.

Christie is currently also the office manager for Dr. Fink’s multiple practices and oversees his medical billing team.