Available to ANY office interested in training using The Z Method©



  • Credentialing of Doctor w/Dondra Edwards The Z Group credentialing expert


  • Initial four (4) hours (multiple sessions) of e-filing training w/Christie Fink, Senior Z Group Consultant/Change Healthcare portal


  • Fifteen (15) hours medical billing training w/Christie Fink, Senior Z Group Consultant


  • Three (3) one-hour sessions, electronic billing support and troubleshooting for claims processing w/Christie Fink, Senior Z Group Consultant. (Change Healthcare)


  • One month follow up support after training is completed, w/Christie Fink, Senior Z Group Consultant


Details are as follows:




This service covers credentialing with all commercial medical insurers, with which you want to become non-participating providers/to which you will be filing claims. This includes the following:

  • CAQH credentialing

  • NPPES compliance

  • NPI updates, as required


b. e-filing (Online live, REMOTE TRAINING)

  • ​Initial Intense Biller Training​

FOUR(4) one-hour sessions

Scheduled in advance


c. PRIOR TO START OF TRAINING SESSIONS- INITIAL REMOTE CONSULTATION with Christie Fink. to determine office readiness for training to begin, i.e. confirming that credentialing and clearing house set up have been completed.


d. Web-based live training with Christie Fink, 3 months (15 hours face to face):

  • ​Set up of protocols with clinical and business teams

  • Portal training- correct information entries, help with data base set up, templates​

  • ​Correct use of routing slips, "Superbills" and their implementation

  • Doctor training in medically appropriate documentation preparation

  • Pre-auth phone calls with billing team members (listen in as Consultant makes the calls)

  • Preparation of ​five claims and their documentation with you​, start to finish, ready to submit

  • 15 email questions/month (or at Christie’s discretion- save multiple questions for “Go to meeting” online call)

  • Auditing cases

  • Closing the case with medical billing case presentation

  • Understanding the AMA Causation Guidelines and Evaluation

  • 3 Months Complimentary Access to Supercoder.com


e. Doctor training with W. Bruce Fink DDS, (Online LIVE, REMOTE TRAINING)

  • Two (2) 30-minute sessions

  • Medically appropriate Comprehensive Head & Neck examination of the patient

  • Review the documentation preparation requirements and verbiage

  • Scheduled in advance


f. e-filing w/Christie Fink, Senior Z Group Consultant (Online live, REMOTE TRAINING)

  • Follow up Claim and Portal Troubleshooting

THREE (3) one-hour sessions, to address e-filing issues and/or denials/appeals

Scheduled in advance, as needed




The Connection Series w/Dondra Edwards (ONLINE LIVE, REMOTE TRAINING)

Learn how to connect medical billing into your daily practice management software with a 3-part training series.  This is not a “one size fits all” training. The Connection Series is customized, based on your current business practices and implementation of medical billing.

Part 1:  Evaluation of current practice management software setup and its medical billing process module. Allow our consultant to review your current setup of your practice management setup to determine the best approach to incorporate medical billing into your practice.  

Part 2:  Learn how to manage fee schedules with ease.  Understand what changes need to be made in your practice management software to accommodate medical billing.  This is a critical component of incorporating medical billing into your practice as well as running your practice daily.   You will learn how to manage fee schedules and new tips to improve efficiencies for fee schedule maintenance.

Part 3:  Ledger reconciliation and posting of medical payment on the ledger Learn to manage accounts receivable in conjunction with medical accounts receivable.  Once you have received your first check, we will walk you through the process of understanding what procedures were posted to the ledger and how to post the payments depending on your practice management setup.  

(Bonus:  Get a few practice management tips along the way)



  • Access to the Cloud-based digital Z book (not for download), three licenses.


  • 2019 Z Group Clinical Evaluation CD, which includes all necessary “Superbills”, Head & Neck evaluation, Comprehensive Health History Form, TMD Report, Radiology Report, Medicare Forms for Patients, and more


  • Templates w/Drop downs, including also Dr. Bruce/Christie Fink’s customized documents for your practice’s ease of implementation


  • One day visit to Dr. Fink’s office in ATLANTA, GA scheduled within 6 months of the start of training, to personally experience how the clinical exam, data collection, documentation preparation, benefits verification, claim preparation, and e-filing work in “real life”.  


Travel expenses for this visit are not paid by The Z Group, nor are they part of the training package fee; the client is responsible for any and all travel expenses including, but not limited to, airfare, airport transfers/car rental, hotel accommodations, meals, etc.).


  • FOLLOW UP TO TRAINING, after the 4-month program: TWO MONTHS OF SUPPORT:


Six (6) phone pre-certifications

Eight (8) 30-minutes phone support calls, one per week

Thirty (30) Email questions


This Comprehensive and intense Training Program requires a non-refundable, invoiced and paid through Paypal, when the Agreement is executed by both parties.

The balance of the Fee is paid in FOUR (4) installments, due on the 1st of the month. Invoices are sent from Paypal approximately one week before payment is due. Payments may be made through a Paypal account or by credit card. We do not keep credit cards on file for security reasons.


IMPORTANT: ALL PHONE CONSULTATIONS AND ONLINE LIVE TRAINING ARE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE WITH EACH Z GROUP CONSULTANT. We understand that you are involved in patient treatment and schedule disruptions may occasionally occur/ You will be accommodated as best we can. However, please also understand that multiple offices are going through the same training process, concurrently with your office.





(Available at an extra charge if desired/requested)

*Medicare provider applications and Medicare DME applications

*TriCare medical provider enrollment is not included and requires a separate agreement.

*Change Healthcare clearinghouse subscription