The Connection Series 2020-2021

Learn how to connect medical billing into your daily practice management software with a 3-part training series.  This is not a “one size fits all” training.   The Connection Series is customized, based on your current business practices and implementation of medical billing.
Part 1:  Evaluation of current practice management software setup and its medical billing process module. Allow our consultant to review your current setup of your practice management setup to determine the best approach to incorporate medical billing into your practice.
Part 2:  Learn how to manage fee schedules with ease.  Understand what changes need to be made in your practice management software to accommodate medical billing.  This is a critical component of incorporating medical billing into your practice as well as running your practice daily.   You will learn how to manage fee schedules and new tips to improve efficiencies for fee schedule maintenance.
Part 3:  Ledger reconciliation and posting of medical payment on the ledger Learn to manage accounts receivable in conjunction with medical accounts receivable.  Once you have received your first check, we will walk you through the process of understanding what procedures were posted to the ledger and how to post the payments depending on your practice management setup.
(Bonus:  Get a few practice management tips along the way)
Fee provided on request