Tonya Evers

Consultant to General and Periodontal Practices


Tonya first learned about medical billing several years ago, after participating in an in-house program in a large periodontal practice, consisting of several offices, followed a couple of years later by in-house troubleshooting program, both presented by The Z Group.  She has a combined 10 years experience in dental and medical expertise.  As a member of the Z Group Team of Consultants, she says she "loves teaching and helping doctors and their staff grow to their full potential by offering medical billing, project management, and treatment case closure".  She has had great success in billing medical insurance in the dental practices she has worked in. 

Not only has Tonya been a medical biller, but she has also worked in the insurance industry as a Claims Examiner, so she understands both sides of what is involved in the billing of oral procedures and claims processing, as they go through the system for eventual reimbursement to Providers. Tonya prides herself on her work ethic and motivation, helping offices, with which she works, grow their revenue by increasing their bottom line, helped in large part by accessing patients' medical benefits.

Tonya is a valued member of the Z Group team and is working with both general and periodontal practices in the billing of both basic and advanced procedures, including implant surgery and related procedures.