The Z Group is a healthcare practice management company dedicated to making practices run more efficiently and effectively. It provides both ongoing consultation and support, as well as in-house programs of the one- and two-day variety addressing specific practice needs. Employee direction and motivation, including streamlining business practices, are the main focus of this group. Medical billing is also an important component in helping patients pay for their necessary treatment and an incredibly successful marketing tool to draw patients to your dental practice, both general and specialty, something many dentists are not aware of. Accurate billing results in maximum reimbursement from both medical and dental plans, and not just for patients that have major health issues.


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**IMPORTANT: Educational materials and courses are provided solely for the benefit of private dental offices and group practices. They are not available to any commercial entity, nor any representative of a commercial entity. That includes dental supply companies, medical billing/coding training companies, and medical billing companies.

Before shipping any educational materials or signing anyone up for a course, we will do our due diligence. Should it come to our attention that the person signing up for a program, or ordering a product(s), is associated with one of the aforementioned companies, monies will be immediately refunded. No exceptions.